Public services profitability assessment


Maximizing resource profitability is a key element to offer top quality public services. Public bodies need to control service execution profitability in a deep detail. Our services allow to estimate the effectiveness on budget usage and to optimize public services rendering controlling resource usage and consumption.

Definition and development of excellence brands


In order to obtain cohesion within local stakeholders and a single identity creation Public Administration must create recognized and localized brands that allow to certify the excellence of the products, services and behaviour of the local agents on the fields of quality, environment, information security and social responsibility. Blau Advisors has defined local standard and brands for several territories and fields.

Standard and excellence brand development


Our multidisciplinary team makes possible to define instruments and cross-section policies that allow, under a economical development promotion view, to boost territorial activity, to improve economic agents and to create new bodies.

R+D+i projects and cooperation


The inclusion within the corporate strategy of the R+D+i is the key to the differentiation and the competitiveness. We can't go alone in this way; it's necessary to work side by side to complement our knowledge and skills. We must find this support around the world. We will be your Partner to achieve it. In Blau we are specialized in finance research, consortiums creation, preparation of proposals, Project Management and its evaluation through the KPI analysis. More information at our specific website containing information about EU funded projects.